Friday, October 10, 2008

If Britney Spears Is 'Smart' Then The World's Financial Markets Will Fail...(Oh, Wait)

Dear Britney, ***


At least it is now that I've read this little nugget. You've got a doc special comin out on MTVers!:
In the 90-minute exclusive documentary film, "Britney: For The Record,” Britney granted access to the award winning team at to tell her side of the story in her own words. The film will not only give viewers a look into what it is truly like to walk in the shoes of one of today’s biggest musical icons, but behind-the-scenes access to everything from Britney recording her new album to preparing for her appearance on the “2008 MTV Video Music Awards,” and much more.
This bitch is allegedly gonna air on Sunday, November 30th at 10pm.

I for one, can't wait to hear how the destruction of your marriage, slash the shaving of your head, slash you thinking you're an uppity British chick and flashing your junk, slash you going stark raving mad and spending time in the hoo hoo house, slash you losing custody of your kids and having your daddy move back in with you and take over your life, was all just an overblown, overhyped stunt orchestrated by the LIBERAL, GOTCHA, JEW SCUM MEDIA (oh sorry...that was meant for a Sarah Palin post. My bad).


I'm soooo glad that that's all behind you. Really. I swear (there is NO sarcasm whatsoever in the preceeding sentence. I mean it, people!).

"don't call it a come back,"

p.s. Thank GAH Jamie Lynn isn't preggo again, right!? Sheesh.

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